Chris Poje.
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“Chris Poje’s Show is truly the best I’ve ever seen!”

"O“ur community is still talking about Chris Poje six months after his vocal concert! We can’t wait to have him back for The Snow Bird Family Feud!”

"ChrisPoje went out into the audience prior to the show to introduce himself and make friends with the guests; nice touch! His show covered a large variety of music all appropriate for our community and kept everyone engaged with some audience participation and huge, moving classic hits. He is most likely the best vocalist entertainer we’ve had to date!”

It is with great gratitude and pride that I present to you these Testimonials from my valued clients and audiences who have seen my Vocal Concerts and Game Shows. It is only because of them that I can pursue my passion of music. It is a great life when you have the freedom and opportunity to do what God has blessed you to do. I am so thankful!

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